Covid-19 and Dealing with Travel Anxiousness

I wrote about dealing with travel anxiousness through writing answers to three questions.

Order has been restored

I wasn't really liking the dependency on the third party system, so I made some changes in the stack.

Mental Models for Designers

Mental models are tools for thinking. The better mental models you have, the better thinker you are.

Tech Stack - 2020 Edition

Experimenting with new tech stack to power this site - Next.js, Vercel and Prismic.

Memento Mori

Momento Mori — “Remember you must die.”

Today’s Office

Today's office in Bangkok

The Morning Routine

I wrote some things about my morning routine that hasn't changed in the past three years.

Weeknotes - 3

Hello Gatsby

Weeknotes - 2

Weeknotes - 1

Workspace Fetish

The Apple Store

Coffee and Cafe

Order Here


Introducing Soochi

Craving and Suffering

Dear Zindagi

Luck By Chance

Miles Davis

Happy Birthday SRK

Traveling At My Own Pace

On Joining Miranj

Four Years