My brother recently appeared for IIT and couldn’t make through. However, this cannot be considered as a failure — he scored certain rank and he would be able to make it to NITs.

There was no reason to be resented because in the end colleges don’t matter as much as curiosity and patience to follow the interests. We all know that. However, when results were announced, everyone — _including him_ — was resented about the fact that he won’t be able to make it to IIT.

Thinking IITs as an ultimate destination for higher education is an altogether different rant-post but it’s hilarious to see how easy it is to expect something from someone and get disappointed without realizing how hard it was in the first place. The age that he’s at, it’s completely unfair to put him under such pressure.

I have told him several times over the last few weeks that five-ten years down the line this won’t matter at all but in his context it’s extremely difficult to believe. When I was at his age, it was difficult for me as well to believe (although nobody told me this!).

Life never happens exactly the way we want it to. And as a matter of fact, it’s for good. But if our feeling of pleasantness depends on what happens around us, chances of us being content is remote.

For him, right now, the most important thing is to use his energy towards exploring as many interests he can without drawing any conclusions. Look at them without taking any positions and gradually determine what interests him more and commit to it. I very much hope he does that.

It’s all going to be okay.