Few things can be rejected and accepted in just one glance. You can feel that vibe if that will work or not the moment you see it. It might work most of the times, but at some times we really need to take a step back and give it another thought before forming opinions. However, to realize when to do that is easier said than done.

The faster you react, the less you think. Not always, but often. (Source)

To form an opinion is one of the easiest things a human can do, because it doesn’t require much effort. Everyone can do it because it’s so easy.

Medium recently revamped their brand (site?) and they came up with a new logo, about which I too formed an opinion the moment I saw it. It was too complex. But then I gave it ‘five minutes’, and read what went through designing that logo. Now I appreciate it because I know the story and circumstances behind it.

Of course it looses some timelessness compared to the previous logo that was being perceived as simple, elegant, and strong but that’s okay I guess, because the focus on content is still prime. I don’t mean to defend Medium, but let’s give it some time. There are already myriad of responses floating on Medium about its logo from designers all over the world, attacking how ugly the new logo is.