For the past few days, Library@HarbourFront is where I have been spending my evenings at. Due to obvious reasons—books, closer (relatively?) to home, the overall vibe and a stimulating workspace setting. The library was opened recently so I can easily find seats at my choice of locations and right now I am digging the area nearby main entrance with windows facing an open space of Vivo City.

The chair and desk setting is just about right and I can look at people—carrying things, eating things, buying things—when I am bored from looking at the screen.

There’s something about working from a library that makes me feel weirdly secure. Thoughts like I can look up things when I am lost instantly comes to mind. But I am yet to do so. I felt lost multiple times while solve one or the other engineering conundrum but never looked up to books for a way out. Who looks for answers in books when you have Internet!? Searching books is inefficient. Searching in the books is inefficient. And yet, I feel secure that I can still look up things when I am lost.