Yesterday was the last day of my college, and I am not sure if i am happy or sad about the conclusion. Neither i am having a mixed feeling.

Four years can be an inordinate amount of time in one perspective while it can be a fraction of second in another. When times were hard, (like the first day) it felt like an year passing by; and when it went easy (second day onwards) four years passed by in a snap.

In these four years I grew up from being a teenager to 20-something. I grew up from being an occasional 'bunker' to occasional 'attender'. I grew up from being a 'no-unfair-means-in-the-exam-hall-guy' to who cares if I get to help my friends (as long as i don't get penalized).

Certainly, growing up counts, a lot actually, but the fact that we grew up together is what means the most. In fact things which we did together will be the only ones that would count, 10 years or 20 years from now.

When I look back and contemplate these four years, apart from a professional success, i have got a bag full of everything.

Pleasant memories like accepting a cheque for academic performance (which i had to return to pay for my fines) and friends cheering from the crowd, I also got ample #FacePalm moments, i.e, a girl started chiding me publicly for reasons completely unknown to me and i did nothing but walk away without uttering a word.

Sometimes it just feels weirdly terrifying that there would be no classes, no exams, no waiting for buses, no saying "sorry sir" when external asks a question. Back then, we wanted to end it as soon as possible but now at least i want it back. Crazy.

In the next few months everyone will be settling for what's best for them. In the next few years everyone would be busy figuring out what's next, but after that whenever we meet, memories of these four years will be enough to talk about.

We will cut it short and focus on the extremely embarrassing ones if we got an hour's time.

I am sure everyone is going to give their best in their lives ahead because that's the only option. All we need to do is work, rest everything is being taken care of.

On an extremely personal note, in these four years neither i asked what that chide was about nor did she explain. We don't talk much but we do share laughs with a looks' exchange. And we recently did in the examination hall too.