I’m Kamal and I like turtles.

The Gist

Kamal Nayan is a designer at Cleartrip with a penchant for the web, typography, and data-driven experience design. He prefers to refer to himself in the first person. Sometimes!


Before working at Cleartrip, I worked at MySmartPrice, a price comparison website where I redesigned the desktop and mobile websites. Before that I worked with fine folks at Miranj, where I worked on numerous client projects, such as IndiaBioScience.

Work Samples

You can send a mail for latest work samples. Oh! and I also have a portfolio.


As a designer, I believe in making things work instead of making them just pretty. From defining the user lifecycle funnel, I can help you with fine micro interactions in HTML and CSS.


I’m just a mail away. I’m also quite active on Twitter. When I travel, I post pictures on Instagram. You can follow me. Or maybe not.

About Me

I like coffee, traveling and words. I believe in the unique opportunity of mixing images and words to communicate in new ways. A few other unexpected and pleasant things have happened while pursuing this. Aside from all this, I’m particularly interested in using code as a design tool and how we shape our world through design.