I usually travel alone, and that’s because the pace at which I travel. I like to take my time and enjoy like the locals do. I’m perfectly content at spending an entire day relaxing, absolutely doing nothing, because that’s my pace.

I am in Manali, where I can find my own company quite often. It’s either by choice or by circumstance.

In the time that you have for yourself, you get to know yourself intimately. It is a spontaneous perk and peril of traveling solo. At times, I surprise myself with my own behavior when no one around knows who I am. My mind never ceases to amaze me with the things it often thinks about, given no distraction.

Traveling solo, at my own pace, has also made me realize things I can’t wait to do when I get home; people I truly miss in my life and the parts of my life that don’t really matter.

Sometimes, I do want to change my pace, but heck, for whom?