Inspired by Mark Boulton, I’m giving this weeknote thing a try. If only to just get me in the habit of writing again. Let’s see how it goes.

I am writing this on a Sunday evening in Singapore, after having a home made dinner, while Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is being streamed on the TV. If you know me any well, I can watch Jerry Seinfeld doing anything, anytime.

I have also been reading a few books. Recently I picked up Vagabonding— book about taking time off from your normal life to discover and experience the world on your own terms. I haven’t even reached halfway through and I have been experiencing serious wanderlust. This book seems like a guide to long-term travel. More on this soon.

While we are at the subject related to life, I came across this thread on Twitter by Hugh Howey that makes an excellent point about why not everyone should go to college. Howey says if you’re passionate about something that doesn’t require college degree — software programming, writing novels etc — go all in and get the experience while being on the job. Time spent in college will never substitute for learning on the job.

On the contrary, I can’t help but reminded of the book called So Good They Can’t Ignore You which makes a convincing argument about how following your passion is a bad career advice and a better approach is to master skills that people value. Career Satisfaction will be followed after the mastery.

These two school of thoughts about approaching career sound different to me and I have no time to dissect these but to take the underlying positive suggestion — whatever you do, do not waste time.