Happy birthday Sir. Happy 49th in fact.

We meet thousands of people, remember hundreds of them, keep in touch with less than half of them, but when it comes to the ones who leave an impression on us and shape our lives, the list dwindles down to max two or three.

Sir, in my list you make it on number two. I am aware of the fact that you are not even aware of my existence, but what started off as idol worship 17 years ago, has taken a different shape today.

That’s correct. I have been openly admiring and secretly worshipping you from the day I watched your movie Koyla. I was 5 years old then, and I have some superficial memories of watching this movie on a VCR.

In the last 17 years, a generation has passed. And you have conquered all you had to. And along the way you also helped me believe in miracles, in the simple fact that hard work and talent backed by a fair amount of luck can help reach places one has always dreamt of.

Sir, we all have our favorite stars during various stages of our lives and so did I, but a part of me always knew that you were more than just a favorite actor. You are the dream of every other middle class guy.

Every time you came on the screen, be it romancing the lady in some move, spreading some awareness message, or even for an interview saying without any pretence that you love all the attention, you helped this guy to dream.

Today, the inconspicuous, introvert middle bencher thanks you for all the confidence, courage, conviction and belief that you provided him and hopes somehow, someday he’ll be able to repay a fraction of these.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan.

God bless you.