Miles Davis is rocking my Logitech UE Boombox. I got this speaker around six months ago, when I first came to Hyderabad. It is more than enough to make my small room pulsate. Davis is blasting loud, because I need the music to drive away the usual morning blues.

There isn’t any specific reason for my morning blues. It just happens. Today I thought of fighting it by writing about it. I always want to write. About something. About anything. But I shy away from it, mostly because there are so many great writers out there. I don’t feel I have a special angle. Also I fear that people would know how bad I’m at it. But as they say practice is the key. So I’m practicing – in public.

That said, my gold standard for blogging is people like Craig Mod. He often shares his writing on, a real time writing community, founded by Craig himself. I also like BlogSpot/Twitter/Medium founder Ev Williams. I like the spontaneity in his writing.

In case you’re wondering why suddenly I’m writing; I don’t know. Probably because I had lost the habit of blogging every day, and for two years I have been sporadic in my writing. In 2016, I want to return to writing every day and make it part of the daily process.

For now, back to Miles and trying to focus on work as the blues seem to be passing from sight. ❖