Airfares keep changing drastically every now and then. The longer you wait the more you end up paying. Pricelock lets you lock the airfare for a particular period so that you don’t end up paying more even if you complete the booking days later.


Product Design, Branding, Front-end

Problem Statement

Not every time we are sure of our plans. And sometimes this uncertainty costs us, especially in the case of airfares that tend to only rise if we wait. We wanted to address this problem of uncertainty — just because we are uncertain we shouldn’t be paying more.

Single Pricelock

The initial idea was giving users an additional option in the itinerary — continue booking or lock that fare for a particular period by paying a small fee upfront. Once locked, the user had few days to pay the remaining fare which could be done from the accounts or from the reminder emails that we sent periodically.

Multiple Pricelock

However, single Pricelock wasn’t optimal for most of the users as the duration was decided on our backend. It made users feel out of control. We thought it would be a good idea to allow multiple pricelock options.


Creating logos was something that I was tackling for the first time while working at Cleartrip. The product was entirely new and needed a fresh branding. I toyed around flights around locks before settling onto one.

Marketing Website

Marketing website was easiest of the entire project. We just had to make sure that the copy was concise and delivered the clear message. Once that was nailed, we followed the standard Cleartrip template — unusually big header on a relevant hero image, and the feature explanations.

What I learned

Design is only as good as content. To make people understand the product, clarity in the message is extremely important. If the copy lacks clarity, users are going to have hard time building trust.

Problem is more important than the solution. Falling in love with the problem, rather than solution creates wonder.

A very valuable part of design happens away from the computer.